Qiuyun SongI’m Qiuyun, and I write about and share my best photography from my personal travels, and also blog about startups.

Travel With An Open Mind

I’d like to help inspire people to travel with an open mind.

My travel writings and photography are for all of you out there who are curious and wonder about the parts of the world you haven’t been to before. It’s also for those of you who dream about traveling but are too strapped for time, energy or resources, or who view it as a thing to do after you quit your job, after your kids have grown up, or when you have made enough money to not worry about money anymore.

Whatever the reason is for life getting in the way of your wanderlust, I hope I can help you to create your own travel ideas, and hopefully, one day, experience one of these very amazing places that I’ve been very lucky to see!

For the past few years, I’ve travel-hacked my life to get to many of these destinations and experiences on my wish list, which continues to grow. I like going to places which are either remote or that I find different but stimulating – whether in terms of culture, religion or politics. So, I’ve made the 2-day ‘Drake Shake’ crossing to (my personal 7th continent Antarctica), dived in Raja Ampat in West Papua (where it is undoubtedly a diver’s mecca), driven across the Southgobi desert in Mongolia, and taken a paragliding course in France to learn how to fly without an engine… And so many more that I can’t recount in one single paragraph! Because I’m also curious about places at different ends of the cultural, religious or political spectrum, I’ve been to North and South Korea, Israel and the Palestinian territories, the last Buddhist kingdom Bhutan, and socialist countries in transition like Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela. I’m not an intellectual expert in any of these topics. I just visit out of curiosity, and challenge myself to keep an open mind about how others choose to (or are forced to) live.

Traveling with an open mind always teaches me a few things about myself, and how to better understand and relate to the people I encounter everyday. 

Being in an Open-Minded Environment and Testing Ideas

Speaking of everyday and keeping an open mind, I guess that’s where startups comes in. I think, in particular, that technology startups fascinate me because they constantly change the way we interact with each other and the world. Technology supercharges our lives, and it actually shapes our behavior, not the other way round. I discovered my interest in tech startups by chance when I joined a startup after 4 long years in banking to try something new, and it is undoubtedly the most multi-faceted and dynamic thing I have fallen into. I like how it’s broken down so many walls between people. It’s done that because the people creating these technologies have challenged conventional wisdom and prevailing assumptions, and so to work in tech means being surrounded by the most open-minded and creative people I have ever met.

I love meeting with entrepreneurs, techies and creators, hearing new ideas and reading about all things venture capital and startups related. Writing is my way of creating, processing the huge amounts that I’m learning and absorbing everyday about tech, testing my ideas, and above all, keeping an open mind!

Do you have any travel ideas? Have you ever changed how you see things or lead your life after a chance travel encounter? Are you working on a startup? I’d love to hear from you!

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