Paro Tsechu Festival


Bhutan is a world of screaming colors. See more of the Paro Tsechu Festival, the Druk Trek, unique Dzong architecture, and more.

Fijian man at a local rugby game


Fiji is a tropical paradise with beauty to be seen both above and under water. Fijians are warm and friendly, and always ready with smiles and thumbs-up.



Japan is endlessly fascinating – there’s something to see and experience across the country in every season. I photograph Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.

Maldives LUX Resort


Maldives, the country of islands surrounded by the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, is lovely both above and under water.

Inle Lake Fisherman


I explored Bagan on bike, Inle on a boat, and Yangon on foot. This is a photo journal of Myanmar in transition.

Abel Tasman

New Zealand

New Zealand has got to be one of the earth’s most stunning places. Both the North and South Islands have plenty of beauty to offer.