Rwanda is one of the three countries in the world where the rare mountain gorillas live. They number only in the hundreds now, and it was an absolute privilege to be able to get up close to these guys. The gorillas are well habituated to humans and would just walk within a couple of feet. We were lucky and did a relatively short (but steep!) climb at the Volcanoes National Park to get to the Ntambara family of gorillas. It was one hour of sheer joy to be a visitor in their domain, and to photograph these animals who share 98% of our DNA.

My partner and I also visited Rwanda to visit the genocide museum and see the Rwanda of today, 21 years after the horrific genocide. If Rwanda was dead after the genocide, today it is a lively and well-governed country that is surely on the rise as one of the safest and, in the future, prosperous countries in Africa.

Here are some of the photos and videos that I captured of the gorillas and of Rwanda.

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Here is a video of a baby gorilla playing and swinging around the tree, with the silverback posing lazily in the background:

Rwandans in song and dance: