Singapore is home for me, but in many ways, so is the U.S. I’ve had an affinity with America since I first visited at 15 years old, and then lived in New York for 4 unforgettable and fantastic years. I enjoy the creative energy and freedom of self-expression I feel whenever I am there, and have always enjoyed being amongst the very diverse community living there (in New York, at least!). It’s a place that shaped me and my worldview in my adult years, and where I always enjoy returning to. I’ve always thought that, at the right time and opportunity, I’d love to move back to New York.

In fact, I loved it so much and felt so at home while living in New York, I never thought of traveling out to the rest of the U.S. or Americas when I was living there. It’s a bit of a regret of mine, since the U.S. is actually HUGE and the Americas region is full of beautiful places that are now much harder and more time-consuming for me to get out to from Asia. But here is my attempt to capture whatever I can of this beautiful country, on my occasional trips back to the other side of the world.

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New York

New York is my soul city. I must have left a piece of my heart back in the city when I left many years ago. I always feel incredibly alive when I go back – the city gives me so much energy. Every time I go back, it’s always the same, but everything is also different. I love spending the first couple of hours I’m back just walking around, people-watching, getting into the buzz, smelling the smells, fitting back into the city, and getting 10,000 ideas of what to do with my time there. I love being in New York.


Yosemite in Northern California was my first visit to a famous national park in the U.S. I loved my time there, admiring the majestic waterfalls, tall sequoia trees and spectacular granite cliffs and mountains. Traffic in the predominantly one-way roads park was a nightmare, but once we got there, it was worth it. Tunnel View and Glacier Point were my favorites.