Cuba is the world’s largest marketplace of illegal services. Everyone there has a side business that’s illegal, because that’s the only way anyone gets to make and keep capital to live better lives. The country is making baby steps away from socialism with Raúl Castro in charge now, making economic reform a priority. It’s fascinating to be there to experience the transition. 5 or 10 years from now, Cuba will likely be overrun by tourists and lose much of its charm.

So go now! Join in the open-air salsa that goes on all day long around street corners; cruise around in colorful vintage 1950s Chevrolets and be part of the world’s largest open-air car museum; skydive, hike, cycle and swim in the beautiful outdoors; stay with the locals in their casa particulaires; try rolling a Cuban cigar in the villages; and most of all, experience the dazzling warmth and hospitality of the Cuba people. Here are some of the photos of the lovely country, and a video of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, live in Havana, right at home in their own club.

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Go salsa to the tunes of Buena Vista Social Club, live in Havana:

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